How I really feel about Sexual Assault being taught to minors

Should Sexual Education Be Taught In High School?

Although teaching sexual education can be problematic to some students, it is however also very beneficial for them. After looking at both sides of such a situation, I think sexual assault should be taught in high school because it provides a sense of knowledge, awareness, and prevention to reality of danger outside of the classroom. Doing past research, I’ve seen reason as to why it should be banned from teaching, and why it should be followed through with, and I’m in complete agreement that it should be accepted.

Consent is the most important acceptance.

Sexual assault is another subject that falls under the sexual educational category, very crucial and informative. Another form of sexual education is sexual harassment. According to the , “sexual harassment by definition is about gender and power, and students who engage in that behavior are likely to have issues with both”. To being training students in middle school to high school are the best times to mold their brains into a better understand of such an important relative subject. They poor victims of such an act.

In an earlier post I wrote, I said that teaching sexual assault in high school could be a disadvantage and could be problematic towards some teachers, school officials, and parents, however now I realize how important it truly is to teach such a subject and we should concentrate more on this proponent as it is best to take advantage of. Many parents argued that this sort of topic is to be taught in their own homes as it may become and already is a sensitive and specific subject to discuss and also find it very intimidating and embarrassing to promote such a class to be authorized in a public classroom.


Another aspect falling under this knowledge, is the Title IX, which applies to sexual harassment and sexual assault. Title IX is another reason that can be beneficial for the teaching of sexual education to students. From reading this portion of an article, “… Many girls especially are not aware of the dangers they will exposed to once they leave the comfort of their own home”. From reading this line, saddened me and left me worried. Sad because it is true that most women don’t actually realize the dangers that can occur just beyond their home; Worried because without such knowledge in this range of a topic, doesn’t allow prevention to take place. They don’t know who to turn to or what to do after an unwanted sexual form of act has been acted. That is information that should be provided by school districts, we should turn to our peers for help, but I that’s not given to us or even an open option, how is it expected to get better?


Teaching sexual education in a high school classroom, is beyond beneficial for not only students but also parents. It acts as almost a sense of relief. It is the most effective way to provide awareness to those who find this subject unheard and have no prior knowledge of. I believe that more parents, teachers and school officials should really consider passing the law of Title IX all over the country, not just California, to prevent unwanted sexual relations in a students near future.


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